A quick way to wear your wigs: Beginners

by lee2

How many wigs should a woman have?

There is no ideal number of wigs that a woman should have. However, you may keep at least three different wigs. You may choose whether to differentiate them by type or style. For example, you may have a human hair wig, a synthetic wig to break the monotony. Keeping your style and respect high is the key thing.

The Importance of having multiple wigs is the ability to alternate them occasionally. When you rotate the wigs periodically, you extend the useful life of the wigs by reducing wear and tear. Moreover, the number of times you would need to wash the wigs decreases significantly.

So, keeping multiple weaves is essential for you as it helps to save the money and time to wash, search and purchase new wigs sooner than you expect. You may choose whether to keep three at the very least or more than three. There is no harm in keeping several.

What is a ready-to-wear wig?

A ready-to-wear wig is a wig that has been prepared ready to be worn. Making a wig ready to wear entails preparing the components that the wig comes with to make the wig complete. You can make any wig ready to wear by assembling its parts.

To make the wig ready, take the adjustable straps, wig cap, and lace. Trim the lace to suit your desired style and adjust it to fit your head. Afterward, you can put the wig on or take it off anytime without having to redo the process again.

How do beginners wear wigs?

Beginners wear wigs differently, though the quickest way to wear a wig is by starting with a wig cap. When wearing the wig cap, you first need to lay all your edges down by combing them properly. Once all the edges are laid down, wear the wig cap to cover your natural hair.

Pull out your ears so that they are not covered in the wig cap. With the ears out, pull the wig cap back again to expose a small section of your hairline to make the wig look natural. You will need to blend in the hairline with the wig.

Take out the wig from its package or your wig store, shake it out, and put it on your head. Once your head is well covered, expose the hairline to see how the wig looks on you. If you are not satisfied with the looks, you may adjust the wig to suit your preference.

If you are satisfied with the looks of the wig, you can take it off and trim off the lace from the wig. When trimming the lace, be careful not to trim any of the wig’s baby hairs. Put the wig back on and use the pins or clips to clip it on your hair. If you have cornrows, you can clip the wig on them to make them firm.

Do you need a wig cap to wear a wig?

A wig cap is essential when wearing a wig. However, it is not a necessity when wearing a wig. Some wigs will not need you to wear a wig cap. Furthermore, during hot weather, wig caps will not be necessary.

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