Advantages & Disadvantages of Prefilled Pod Vape Systems

Advantages & Disadvantages of Prefilled Pod Vape Systems

The vaping industry is taking vaping to another level by consistently releasing improved vape gadgets that are exciting vapers all over the world. Vape pod systems have proven ideal for those who want to quit smoking but still want to feel the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

If you are a vaper, you must have come across the term ' prefilled pod vape systems ' and wondered what sets it apart from ordinary vape pod kits.

What Are Prefilled Pod Vape Systems?

Prefilled vape pod systems are vaping device that allows you to vape using prefilled vape pods or cartridges. The vape pods contain E-liquid and a coil. Unlike other pods, which you refill when the ejuice is finished, prefilled pods are disposable. Once the vape pod is empty, you remove and replace it with another one.

Advantages of Prefilled Pod Vape Systems

No risk of spilling refill

There is always a chance that you may spill the refill when trying to refill the tank of your pod kit, especially if you're a newbie or a vaper on a busy schedule. Using a prefilled pod kit is void of any spillage worry as they do not need to be refilled.

Another great thing about prefilled pods is they are not refillable; you don't have to worry about the daunting task of cleaning the tank.

User friendly

Prefilled pods are convenient, especially if you are always on the go. They don't require any settings or trying to figure out how you are going to refill it. They are hassle-free vape kits that need no knowledge to operate if you're a new user.

You need to get a prefilled vape device and a compatible prefilled vape pod and pair them. The only simple task is to ensure your gadget is charged and you're ready to start vaping.

Prefilled vape pods taste amazing

When using refillable pods to get that classic taste depends on how fresh your coil is. This is because an overused coil, clogged or dry burnt coil, produces a bland taste with each draw.

This doe not happen with prefilled vape pod systems because the pods are only used once and thrown away; so you're guaranteed to get that fantastic original taste throughout your vaping.

Disadvantages of Prefilled Pod Vape Systems

1. Expensive to use them

Prefilled vape pod kits are cheaper compared to refillable pod kits. But the cost goes up when you have to buy prefilled pods often. A well-maintained refillable pod can serve you for a long time, making it more cost-effective than prefilled pods.

2. Limited choice of flavours

The less choice of flavours in prefilled pod kits is contributed by the fact that it's still not popular among vapers. But we can expect this to change soon as this vaping device is quickly being accepted as an alternative to refillable pod kits.

3. Less choice over nicotine strength

Prefilled vape pod kits are very restrictive when it comes to nicotine strength. Long-time vapers who have always had a choice in their nicotine strength may feel uncomfortable using a prefilled pod with only 20mg of nicotine strength.


With all that said, POD vaping system is one of the latest improvement among all vaping systems. You get to enjoy more from the flavor you love at a more eased experience.