All You Need to Know About Galaxy Roses

by lee2
galaxy roses

If you’re searching for a way to express your love in a unique way and require help you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll be going to take you through galaxy roses. One of the modern and great ways to express your feelings to your loved ones. Despite, being a rose it comes with no thorns at all. The galaxy rose will deeply show all of your passion, care, and respect for your loved ones.

What is Galaxy Roses?

The first question that may arise to you that, what is this thing called galaxy rose?

It is a unique handcrafted item where a rose goes through various procedures. The colors of these flowers never fade and the petals never perish away like natural flowers. The flowers may contain a coating of holographic materials giving them exceptional shines. Also, some are encased with LED lights built-in casings.  

The galaxy roses are the perfect gift for your loved ones and are a great home decor item. Also, called the “Rose of Eternity”.

How do They Look Like?

Although they bear resemblance to a real rose, the advantages are numerous. It reflects colorful rays like crystals under the light. Holding one of these will bring the feeling of love to the environment. The standard version is often called Galaxy Rose Forever.

Another version called Galaxy Enchanted Rose comes with a glass case. The rose inside is wrapped with a LED strip that produces a mesmerizing effect. You can buy this version to give extra effect in the dark. 

And, the most luxurious version of the galaxy rose is the 24K Gold Dipped Rose. These are produced from the hand of expert artists and the rose is coated with 24K gold foil. For sure, the coating will bring the vibe of luxury and royalty to your loved ones. 

How Are They Made?

Now, let us dive into the process of their crafting. The genuine galaxy roses are made from flowers grown in Ecuador. The naturally grown flowers are collected from several farms throughout the country. A special freezing technique is used at a particular temperature so that the flowers remain unharmed. Later, these frozen flowers are used as molds.

Furthermore, the next step after molding is to give it a prism effect. The flowers are coated with holographic polyethylene material for shine. Later, the petals are hand placed to turn it into a perfect rose. After all the crafting process is complete, the roses are carefully packed into boxes for sales.  

The materials used in the process are eco-friendly and easily recyclable. This means that you’re not only impressing your partner but also saving the environment.  


After reading this article, we hope you are clear about the galaxy roses. The galaxy rose will last forever without losing its beauty and grace. These flowers are specially designed so they do not shade like natural flowers. We’re sure that the galaxy rose will express your true love to your partner.

You must be very careful while buying these ones only from trusted sellers. There have been reports of scams.

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