Fashion Styles And the Message They Pass Across

by lee2

There is a saying that we dress the way we want to be addressed. How we dress gives everyone a notion about who we are. We all have this kind of dress style we want to be known with and the kind of perspective we want people to think of it. However,  most people pick up the wrong message from the style we adapt and eventually get a bad picture of us. This situation often only happens when those people know little or nothing about fashion styles and the right message each style passes across. That’s why this article would reveal some of these styles and the appropriate message each one sends to other people.

Classic Style

Classic clothes mainly denote seriousness and give a wealthy look to anyone wearing it. Clothes in this category are usually simple and elegant, with nice natural fabrics. What makes this dressing style more classy is the fact that you can rock it with matching accessories such as handbags and shoes.

Many people believe that a classy person must necessarily be an office person. Well, that isn’t usually the case. A classic cloth is mostly worn by the working class, but not everyone wearing a classic outfit is an office worker. Also, classic clothes are in various forms, but for males, a guy looks classy when he puts on a shirt and trousers or suit on while for a lady, a nice gown will do, or a shirt and skirt or pants would define a classic lady.

Street Fashion Style

 Some people like to show the world that they are from the street in the way they are dressed. This dressing style indicates where these people are from and, in some cases, their values. Most gangsters are dressed in black and often put on a hat. People believe their gangster color (black) means something dangerous, which is often not true. A similar cloth to the gangster cloth is emo clothes. This type of dressing is similar to the gangster’s color; they also have dark and tight fittings. Emo clothes are worn by emotional people who show that part of them in their dressing.


This dressing style never seems to go out of fashion even after many years since its manufacturing date. Usually, vintage clothes refer to clothing that are 20 to 100 years old, One of the criteria that qualify any cloth to be called vintage is if that cloth has solid reflections of a high-quality style and a trend adopted a very long time ago, and unless you’re into this kind of fashion style, you might not really know and appreciate its worth.


As we all go for the kind of fashion style we love, people need to have the correct notions about our choice of style. Misconceptions about our fashion style often make people see us in the wrong light and tell them false information about who we are. This article helps to clear these misconceptions by giving examples of commonly adopted fashion styles and the right message each of them gives off.


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