How To Extend The Life Of Brazilian Bundles

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Brazilian hair bundles + Brazilian hair bundles

Every hair is treated differently depending on its characteristics, but proper maintenance is critical. Whether it’s a weave or wig, conducting the correct care procedures plays a considerable role in its existence. Brazilian hair bundles are pricey compared to other hair types, but they have excellent features that make buying worth it. Similar to how you care for and protect your natural hair, it’s good to maintain these bundles. In this post, we look at ways of making your Brazilian hair bundles last longer.

How to ensure your Brazilian hair bundles last longer

Below are ways to care for your Brazilian hair bundles.

1. Identify a care routine

A care routine refers to anything you do before styling the hair. It should be done often to maintain the hair’s originality. Start by detangling the hair to free any knots and make brushing easy. You can also use your fingers in the absence of a comb and gently run them through the hair to avoid breaking or plucking the strands. Apply the bottom-up movement because the roots will only detangle if the ends are free. You can style the bundles at this point or choose to wash them before styling.

2. Have the bundles in their original color

Maintaining the Brazilian bundles in their actual color prevents exposure to harmful chemicals. However, most people appreciate a bit of color change to match their style. Virgin and Remy’s hairdo well when colored or bleached, but it shouldn’t be done often. Constant coloring and bleaching dries and weakens the hair. If you must bleach, involve a hairstylist since they know the correct chemical portions to use.

3. Avoid constant styling

Most styling techniques involve heat. Excessive heat ruins the Brazilian bundles, and the strands become weak, fizzy, and may finally break. Avoid regular straightening and curling using heating tools and blow-drying too. Taking a break from all these allows the hair to rejuvenate and flourish again.

4. Install the bundles properly

The application of weaves differs from that of wigs. Wigs use glue to attach it to your scalp, while weaves need sewing to keep them in place. Brazilian hair bundles are sewn into your natural hair using a needle and thread. The bundles have a weft which the thread goes over and below before being tied. The weft must be avoided as taking the needle through it weakens the entire bundle. If possible, keep all tracks intact and use a sealant where necessary.

Final Word

Brazilian hair is a common material for human hair wigs and weaves. It is beautiful and has excellent qualities that make it preferred to other types of hair. Wash the bundles well to break down and remove oils, dry thoroughly before styling, and comb gently from bottom to top to remove knots and tangles. It is important to follow the tips above to prolong the lifespan of your Brazilian hair bundles. As much as it’s cheaper to do your hair in the house, visiting a hair expert is vital, especially for bleaching or color addition.

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