How To Maintain A Curly Wig?

How To Maintain A Curly Wig?

Each wig has its ending date. The best wig can last for more than a year if you take proper care of it. Straight hair wigs are easy to maintain as compared to curly wigs. Though curly wigs give a charming look, they get tangled quickly.

If you want to try a curly hair wig, you must first learn how to take good care of it. This article will teach you all the basic steps necessary for maintaining a curly wig. Let's have a look at the following steps.

Step: 1:  Sectioning Of The Curly Wig Hair:

For maintaining your curly wig, the first and most essential step is to separate the sections of wig hair. You must divide the wig hair into smaller sections if it has small or tight ringlets. Separating your wig hair into a larger section is appropriate in case of larger and looser curls.

Step: 2: Spraying A Detangling Mist:

Before brushing your curly wig, you must firstly spray a detailing mist on the separated sections. This mist will loosen the tangled curls and avoid hair loss during brushing.

To ensure their safety, you must select the certified detangling mist for your wig. You should use human hair products for a human hair wig, while for a synthetic wig, you can use wig-specific products.

Step: 3: Brush The Wig Hair Gently:

After applying a detangling mist, you can brush the curls to remove the tangles. A wide-toothed comb is appropriate for brushing the brown curly wig.

Applying the regular combs on the curly wigs will be ruined or result in excessive breakage. You can also use your fingers to detangle your curly wig. Patience is essential for detangling the curly wig.

Step: 4: Wash Your Curly Wig:

You must use lukewarm water to wash the wig. Another thing that is necessary while washing your wig is pressure. You must be gentle while doing this task. You must be extra careful while washing your curly wig as you can not treat it like your natural hair.

Step: 5: Air-Dry Your Wig Hair:

Avoid using hot rollers, curling iron, or dryers on your curly wig hair. Using heating and styling products can badly affect your wig and make it frizzy. Always air-dry your wig to keep it in good shape.

Step: 6: Restoring The Curls:

After removing the tangles and drying the wig, you must restore the wig's curls. Repeat the same sectioning process for restoring the curls of the curly wig. You can use your finger to twist each curl to bring it into its original shape. The curling iron is used to restore the curls of human hair wigs.

Step: 7: Store Your Wig Cautiously

After removing tangles and restoring the curls of your curly wig, you must store it carefully for future use. Use a hair net to cover the wig. It will also keep the curls of your wig in place. Then put the wig in the box or bag.


All these steps will help keep your curly wig in good shape. If you store the wig as described method, it will not tangle at all, and you will be able to use it instantly.