Reasons why you should Dress Up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween

by lee2

The Halloween party creates the circumstances under which cosplay with different costume sets is common. The traditional costume idea of finding the scariest cosplay sets is slowly becoming less popular with time. People are now choosing costume sets from their favorite movies and games. An example is the princess jasmine costume for Halloween, inspired by the Alladin movie. The costume is rapidly becoming commonplace due to its intriguing appeal that gives a special meaning to the event. The following are reasons to consider wearing the Jasmine costume set as well:

1. The Princess Jasmine outfit is a hit

The first reason you should purchase and wear the princess jasmine costume is that it makes you stand out. The costume set’s design is unique and makes you different from those who choose scary outfits for Halloween. The set does not reflect any of the scary themes evident during Halloween, yet it fits right into the mix of things. The trick to pulling out a good Halloween look is to make sure that you are creative enough to break from the norm. Therefore, the costume will fit in if you decide to be creative and paint your face to look scary in the attractive outfit. Your costume will draw people’s attention while your face displays the theme and mood of the moment.

2. Princess Jasmine jewelry set to complement the outfit

The jewelry set from the princess jasmine set is a work of wonder with how it complements the costume. The jewelry elements match the costume elements, making it a standout combination perfect for Halloween. First, the golden necklace around your neck complements the golden lame waist sash on the dress. The lotus flower and faux pearls on the necklace complement the two-piece blue satin sequins and tassel mesh overlay of the dress. The tassel overlay matches the jeweled purse with a tassel chain attachment.

3. Costume shoes are outstanding

The ankle strap shoes create a finishing touch for the jasmine costume set because of their elements. First, they have trims containing gold plating along with the straps that match the costume’s trims. The consistency of gold plating from the jewelry, the waist sash, and the shoe’s strap creates a sense of royalty. Walking into a Halloween party with such an outfit draws attention from those present. Secondly, the strap is has a self-stick fabric which makes it look uniform and appealing. The nature of the low heels also plays another important role in making the outfit unique. It brings a feeling of the princesses of old who deserve respect and admiration in equal measure.

4. Benefits of the outfit

There are a few benefits of the outfit. First, it is a style that involves sophistication in detail, yet the simplicity in its outlook is evident. The flat shoes give it a casual look. Secondly, the waist and ankle straps make it an easy outfit combination to wear.


The princess Jasmine costume set is the perfect gift for your daughter for Halloween. The outfit is comfortable because of the satin material. Its elastic quality makes it durable because it does not overstretch while wearing or taking it off.

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