Ten Questions to Ask Before Buying A Cheap Wig

by lee2

The wig industry, over the past few decades, has experienced tremendous growth that’s never going to stop. From cheap lace front wigs to the expensive options, down to lace closures and other hair extensions, the industry is one that’s never coming to an end. There are way too many branches and sectors under the wig industry that one can revel in. One thing that the wig industry is continually thriving on is diversity. No matter the type of wig you buy, there’s always a good option.


So whether you like lace frontal or lace closure, a long wig, or a short option, there’s always an option. Fortunately, the price ranges in the wig industry are of two types. We have the cheap wigs that you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to get, and we have the more expensive options that require you to break the bank before you can get it. The more expensive option, in most cases, usually has better functions and lasts longer than the cheaper ones. However, that doesn’t mean the cheap wigs are of bad quality.


It all depends on the kind of cheap wig that you buy in the first place and how you can maintain it. Maintaining wigs is not such a big deal as long as you have the right products, but when you’re maintaining a cheap hair wig with bad qualities, you’re only wasting your time. In order not to fall victim, here are some questions to ask about any cheap hair, whether it’s lace front wigs or other options.

The source of the hair

Every hair you see in a wig store online or offline has a source – whether it’s a synthetic product or not. This is the first question you need to ask, especially if you’re making a purchase online. Many vendors quickly call their lace front wigs natural human hair just to sell. But asking for the source of hair will throw such vendors off balance, and you know that the hair isn’t probably real human hair.

The hair cuticles

When you want to care for or make changes to your hair in the future, the hair cuticles are a very important factor. For instance, if you want to dye your wig, the process will be successful if the cuticles are still in place. Natural human hair will have its cuticles complete and original.

Video View of the product

You may not know this, but there’s something called product photography. With a good product photographer, products on the Internet look enticing and original because of the edits. But a live video call when viewing the products gives you a clearer view, and you can check for defects.

Previous Unedited Customer Review

Although some companies with no reputation now manufacture reviews, reviews still go a long way in choosing the right hair for yourself. From the customer review, you should see what a dissatisfied customer said and how the company responded. From checking reviews, you can also ask if the company has a return policy in place.


Cheap human hair wigs always look like a great option, but many vendors capitalize on affordable products to sell products of low quality.  Through the information in this guide, you should know how to identify good wig companies from bad ones.

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