Ugreen’s Collection Of Mobile Phone Stands

Ugreen’s Collection Of Mobile Phone Stands

Ugreen maintains a perfect balance between value and innovation. They've been dedicated to manufacturing consumer electronic gadgets and accessories with leading technology advancements and making them accessible for our everyday needs since its establishment in 2012. Their user-centered approach pervades R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing departments, and customer service.

This article seeks to inform readers regarding a variety of Ugreen’s collection of automobile chargers, each with its distinct yet appealing architecture.

2-in-1 Wireless Car Charger Holder

Ugreen's Wireless Car Charger is a compact yet lightweight holder which can be mounted on your dashboard and is convenient to charge and hold your phone. It has auto-sensing telescopic arms with the latest design and a built-in updated smart chip for easy access and eliminates phone operation when you drive.

Their wireless phone car charger integrates fast wireless charging with an automated clamping phone holder to deliver you a mesmerizing way to power up and charge your smartphone while keeping it secure in place.

The Air Vent Gravity Phone Holder not only mounts your phone on the air vent for hands-free navigation or phone calls but also charges it wirelessly without constantly plugging and unplugging connectors.

Suction Cup Car Mount

Ugreen's car phone holder uses a gravity linkage mechanism to clamp your phone in place. You are required to simply lock your phone on the holder and make sure that the washable suction cup remains stuck precisely on your car’s dashboard and/or windshield even on a bumpy road to protect your device from being damaged. The only thing which has to be taken care of is to make sure the dashboard or windshield surface is smooth and clean.

The ball-joint cradle rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to select the optimal viewing angle for you. The telescopic arm can be adjusted to offer you a maximum arc of 240 degrees without obscuring your vision.

Magnetic Sticky Dashboard Phone Holder

Ugreen's Magnetic Dashboard Car Holder facilitates positioning your smartphone on your car’s dashboard and/or behind the car’s steering wheel in order to facilitate hands-free usage, taking and making phone calls, and audio entertainment, providing a safer driving experience.

The Car Dashboard Mount comprises 4 strong magnets (neodymium) and 3M adhesive that securely adheres to the car’s dashboard and stabilizes your smartphone at a position on bumpy roads or when applying brakes all of a sudden, providing exceptional support and protection to your phone. The magnetic phone holder comes with an ultra-compact design and blends in seamlessly with your car interior, hindering neither automotive accessories nor navigation.

Portable Phone Holder For Steering Wheel

This phone clamp features a ball-joint design that allows you to alter your viewing angle by 360 degrees. You can use it in horizontal and vertical mode with a clip base featuring non-slip silicone mats that protect your phone and car dashboard from scratches. Both the clip and the clamp mechanism have soft rubber cushions that protect the dashboard from scratches while also ensuring that the phone sits firmly and does not slip out while driving.


Ugreen is led by qualified professionals who have introduced valuable products in the European market from world-class technology providers. They provide outstanding networking solutions and maintain a wide inventory of networking solutions, such as car chargers with magnetic capabilities, holders, and many more at affordable pricing.