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Living in a world with risks of different blood and heart-related illnesses, so everyone must make good use of their activity and workout time. The technological developments in the world have even brought about smartwatches and smart bands that track your heart’s beating rate and send notifications on the pulse progress.

However, the type of watch you use during your workout activities determines the period you will spend working out and the state of the watch. Some manufacturers create sleek-looking stylish watches, but they tend to leave out one key thing; the watch’s water resistance level. It is because water can malfunction the hands and other critical features in smartwatches and bands, including their ability to touch.

Therefore, you ought to have the right accessory for your workout activities; and Huawei’s band 6 cena delivers top features with several benefits among other smart bands. Read ahead for more on these smart bands.

Your All-Time Best Fitness Tracker Wearables

So smart bands focus on fitness tracking and are the best bet for all persons. There’s no reason why you can’t wear it because it’s meant to blend on all gender and body shapes. Here are some of the best;

Huawei Band 6 Cena

Focusing on your wellbeing, Huawei’s manufacturers came up with this smart exercising companion whose battery lasts for up to 2 weeks. It has a 50 meters’ water-resistant value with sim-less message reminders and music control support. Considering its functionality, the 14-day battery life may seem somewhat unbelievable, but here is how it works:

Band 6 has a small screen display of 1.47inches. So what eats up your power in most display electronics is the size of the screen. The larger the size, the more power will be needed to keep it on. In addition, the smart band watch comes with a magnetic charger whose 5 minutes of charge is worth two days’ usage of the band. So it’s not a slow charging or a power-hungry device that may scare you from using it far away from home.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

Despite band 6 being the latest smart band watch, band 4 Pro beats it by its GPS tracker only. However, before you leave the newest smart band in the streets, you have to know the manufacturers’ decision on not including a GPS. It’s because most GPS trackers, including those fitted in vehicles, get outdated with time, so after a few years, they will need updates that will, of course, have the new routes and blocked routes in town.

So because the GPS update feature is not yet available for smartwatches, it is with great concern to have your safety taken care of to avoid landing you in some field whose exit and location looks blocked by new buildings. However, you can still take the band 4 Pro if you feel band 6 is not your match.

Another unmentioned advantage you benefit from smart bands is their affordability despite their premium features. You can’t compare a smart band’s price with that of a smartwatch because smartwatches can be slightly expensive depending on the brand and the model. You should, therefore, make regular visits to Huawei’s online shop and familiarize yourself with some of their latest, sleek and stylish accessories.

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