What Oil Pen Cartridges do Customers like the most?

What Oil Pen Cartridges do Customers like the most?

When it comes to ordering oil pen cartridges wholesale, you should have a clear idea about oil needs. You should know what kind of cartridges people like the most and what kind of oil they will prefer over another. Here are some types they prefer.

Types of Vape Oil Cartridges 

You can find three different types when ordering vape oil cartridges. It's vital to know what specific kind is high in demand and help you generate more profit than others. When it's your startup, you don't have much information. Therefore, it's good to dig deep and get a clear picture of common types that a wholesaler will put in front of you. Knowing them helps you pick a good deal of oil pen cartridges in the long run.

510 Thread 

It is the most common type of oil pen cartridge. It's not of very high quality as generic vape pen batteries are installed in it. This device has 510mm thread on the bottom of the cartridge, and it's connected to the battery. If you plan to go local, this specific type is a must in your store. However, you should eliminate it when you are going online as online customers are more into the quality and won't like generic batteries. When choosing the best vape oil for them, they prefer quality over price.

Device-specific cartridges

Many people are loyal customers; they only buy specific models of vaping. If you have customers who purchase the same kind of device over and over, then you should consider getting device-specific cartridges. They are compatible with only one specific device, such as PAX Era or Moxie Dart Battery, etc. You need a license to sell them at your local shop.

Disposable vape pens

If it's your first time with vape business and you need to run it smoothly, then a disposable oil pen cartridge is a must-have thing to get. It is a device that contains a battery, mouthpiece, and cannabis concentrate in one place. Customers love to use disposable vapes as they are easy to use and can recycle them once they are ended.

Market Research is a Must

Your business success relies on your market research. Whether you are hitting the local ground or digital, you must have a clear idea of what your customers order the most. You can physically check some dispensaries to dig into demand. In an online setup, you can make the most of marketing research tools to identify demand for your product. When there is more search volume for specific Oil Pen Cartridges, you should order them from the wholesaler.

Final Thought

You should know that disposable cartridges are always a good deal. You get them at a discounted price and enjoy quick sales as they are highly affordable, and many times, customers order more than one. Device-specific cartridges are also a good choice, but you must have a license, a hassle for a startup. Get generic oil pen cartridges too, so they can connect with you readily when someone doesn't have supply in handy.