When did the need of using Blotting sheets arise?  

by lee2

In the past, there was no concept of blotting sheets or anything like that. The use of aloe vera was common since it was a natural remedy to help the skin glow. The concept of facewash, makeup came later when people started to think about beauty more. Back in those days, people were very much aware of how to keep the face look better in any condition. Nowadays, beauty products are causing more harm than good, and the only one responsible for it is the one who uses them. Let’s take a look at why people started to use these even though they were naturally beautiful.

What makes the use of blotting sheets important?

It’s not a great thing to use beauty products at any age just to look beautiful. The reason is that it makes things worse rather than making them a bit better. So, that’s the case with blotting sheets. All you need to do is to look for the spots that cause your skin to get oily. Rub the blotting sheets against those spots to get rid of the oil.

The oil appears because of the heat and sweating that causes the inner part of the skin to lose what’s inside it. So, as an opponent to that oil, blotting sheets get the job done. You can get rid of these things by using a beauty product as well. But that may not help you a lot in the long run and can do more harm than good. That’s why the use of oil blotting sheets is really important.

Makeup vs Blotting sheets; Which one is better?

Makeup is what you do when you’re leaving for your office earlier in the day. But in the middle of it, there comes a time when you don’t seem to have it from any angle. That’s when you need a blotting sheet the most. You can’t keep makeup with you all day long in order to use it whenever required. But you can use a blotting sheet even when you feel like there is mild dust around your nose.

The perfect part about blotting sheets is that you can use them anywhere on your face. For example, if your lipstick isn’t appearing because of the dust, using a blotting sheet will make it look better. You can also use it over your nose. All in all, the use of blotting sheets should be made common in order for your entire face to get brightened.

How do we know whether blotting sheets are good or not?

Blotting sheets are made of paper and there is no way for the paper to expire. However, you must look at the date of manufacturing before using it. Even if you haven’t done that, you may use it without any hesitation because, in the worst possible scenario, it’d do lesser harm as compared to makeup. So, before using either a blotting sheet, make sure that you look at its manufacturing and expiration date. Otherwise, you may end up having damaged skin.

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